It’s Magic!

Katie writes;

Here’s a poem about Harry Potter I wrote for a class last semester. Woo-hoo!

“Through the Trapdoor”

It doesn’t seem like much,
Dead trees and ink,
Bound with glue,
What it holds,
The world you know,
But not.

A trio you would like to know,
Forces beyond any control,
Like their wands,
It chose them,
The same way it does you.

It sticks with you like Spellotape,
The words from the pages,
Drip into your dreams,
Coating them in magic,
It helps you with the troubles,
You can’t Obliviate away.

The whole thing is a puzzle,
You want to be a piece of.
You hold on to your hope,
At ten years old it must be real.

Eleven came and went,
My Hogwarts letter never did,
Damn you, Rowling.

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