Philosophy from Stars

Sol the Astronaut wrote this very motivational piece:

What Are You Worth?

It’s hard to see much worth in anything when we’re constantly convincing ourselves we’re worthless.  Realize this feeling is the product of fear, what are you afraid of? To break free, even when you can’t see, you must simply do what you feel is right, and a great amount of the time, I find this is the opposite of what I actually want to do… it’s just that whole trick of it all is that no one will do it for you; you must acknowledge yourself. Everyone creates a path for themselves… You walk where you choose, it all leads back to how you perceive yourself, and it leads you to where you really want to be, to see what you need to see, in order to take that which is yours. How you think about yourself affects your world, and vice versa. If you simply decided to be happy, and nothing was going to stop you, you really will subliminally start doing things differently, people will see you differently, react differently, etc. which will reinforce that happiness. Know that there is no one judging you that really matters but yourself, feel it, and let it all go, all the pain you know so well? It will be replaced in time, though it seems so hard to find the will to see a day without the doubt. Questions may have answers, but ‘what if’ and ‘what for’ are nothing more… than distractions from what matters. Keep asking yourself these questions you’re having, the answers are there, waiting for you to want to accept them, the ones that really matter anyway. What else matters but your own happiness? Only after you are happy with yourself will you be able to see others pain and help them bear the load, when you are happy, you create happiness in everyone’s lives that you are a part of. Self-worth is a very important part of you, so when you think to yourself, the thoughts you have define you. You must first attempt to understand why you feel the way you do before you can change how you feel about yourself. What makes sense to you? To me, I attempt to understand why I have the thoughts I have. If your subconscious mind is screaming its dissatisfaction at you, with the choices you’ve made, it’s because underneath your psyche is watching everything you do, but unable to break free from the self-imposed bondage your mind feels is necessary in order for people to like you. You must break free the only way you know how. It’s a long journey but it’s definitely worth it, the path you’ve set yourself is littered on all sides with distractions, know what it is that you want, and go for it. All you need is to try and you’ll be all that much stronger for your struggle. One day you’ll look back, and be proud of what you’ve done, proud of yourself and how you’re living your life, something that no one can take away. If you keep on asking questions of yourself, and answering the questions with what you know is right, with the answers you already know, then you’ll soon convince yourself that what you’re doing is the right thing and stop feeling so bad, you’ll stop degrading yourself and it’ll be a lot easier for you, just hang in there for when you get what you deserve, it will come, Iknow it.

Nosce ti ipsum‘ – Know Thyself, understand why you feel

‘Compos sui‘ – Master of thyself, understand what you feel

Invictus maneoI remain unconquered, Know the power of yourself, unhindered by fear

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