Inspiration Fridays

Week Three

Sorry for the late the update this week! It’s been kind of a fun week- the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur was yesterday. For those who don’t know, that means the conclusion of the New Year’s festiveness. Happy New Year!

On to creativity!

Ideas for (what should have been) October 7th:

Instructions for a holiday celebration. Bonus points for a made up holiday, such as The Day of Honor to The Great and Glorious Lizard King and his Scaly Goodness.

St. James’ Infirmary  

Flying fish in the atmosphere

A calendar with rearranging dates

“That’s gonna be a great story to tell… after years of consuling.” She said, still laughing.

A stuffed armadillo with a story to tell.

The moon.

A six word story.


Post any other ideas you want to see done in the comments below.

*Oh, update, I’ve decided to make Wednessdays ‘Smile Wednesday’.

Care to share?

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