Inspiration Fridays.

Rave tonight. Super excited, but at the same time I’ve been pushing myself hard at the gym this week. My body would rather pass out than get dressed up as a broken doll. Thank god for caffeine, amirite?  Anyone else got plans this weekend? Rocky Horror Picture Show, anyone?

If you get dressed up, send in pics of you in costume! We can have a master post on Tuesday of everyone’s costumes.

As always, post prompts you want to see in the comments.

—–Without further ado, please enjoy the mad ramblings of my imagination—-

Take a pop song and turn it into a horror story.

Look, okay, he was just doing his job. Don’t blame the night janitor because you can’t keep a lid on the drama department.

We’ll have an office party if we can go 100 days with accident.  (“Goddamnit, Roberts the hell did you do?!”)

Suzie was so excited when Lucky came home. Mom had said that she’d run away over the summer while Suzie was in summer camp. Of course, Mom also said that all ghosts come out on Halloween.

She isn’t called Snow White *just* because of the way she looks- Hair as dark as ebony, skin pale as snow, lips the color of blood…

Connect the dots.

Mercy is the greatest of sins. I almost committed it once. (from Sharp Teeth comm.)

The British? Please. No, Paul Revere was sending out a warning of something else. One if it claws its way across the land, two if it rises from the  ocean.

Let’s do the time warp again. And again. And again. You aren’t getting tired are you?

Muscle memory.

Cool grass, and the stars above.

Office supplies? Really? What office are you working for?


I’ve come to realize that at some point, people are reading this for entertainment value alone. But humor me, please. I challenge you to write a drabble, 100 words, based on something above and post it in the comments.

One last laugh:

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