The Blindfolded March; a thought to ponder

Today, I found this interesting poem in the submissions inbox. Presented with no comment is A Musing by Fred Arnaki. He can found on twitter, @alaskanfrog

A Musing 

Is it so hard to believe the unbelievable?

I’d reckon this reckoning’s to be frightful.

Over which path does the rain of chaos flash? Which path is dried by rain?

If chaos reigns, may yet hope be reborn? Destruction breeds creation

In surrendering to death, what may be born true

Arisen from ashes hope springs forth

for one path is dried by chaotic torrents

the other wetted by clear skies.

In confusion we lose our grip

and give to fee falling. Free from our own devices

To jump into danger, and escape comforts embrace

To embrace a coins toss, failing and succeeding

both at once,

Hoping to be caught, but daring life to drop us

we embrace chaos, and are made free

Free from choices

free from consequences

free from being human, we escape

Only then does Irony strike

And in our freedom we find over selves trapped

For if we escape our humanity, to flourish freely

We are blinded to a path darkened.

Free from logics embrace, and thinking’s challenge

Are we not then animals?

In embracing chaos, do we not abandon ourselves?

Unless ourselves are chaotic.

Answers lay unborn, only releaved from life’s mistakes

only by living, can we learn

Embrace Chaos’s fruit, or retain humanities purpose

We choose life, and roll a dice.

Let the dice be cast, and let us begin our blindfolded march.

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