Friday Fictioneers: Worms

My Contribution to Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers community.


I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter that when she buried her gummy worm in the ground nothing would grow. The autumn air was cold, stinging her cheeks  as she stumbled on the ground. She giggled profusely when she set the acorn on top of it to keep the worm warm. I’d already seen her cartoon drawings of the grown up thing; a multi-colored bird with a lopsided grin. I couldn’t tell her. I wanted her to keep every precious moment of child wonder that she could. “C’mon, let’s go get hot-cocoa,” I said while taking her hand.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Worms

  1. Aha! The joke is on the Mom, because the acorn will grow!
    Just to let you know – apropos of perfection, that you wrote ‘talking’ instead of ‘taking’ in the last line.
    Otherwise, a charming and well told tale.

    • Doug,

      I think I would be a terrible gate keeper. The doors would never be watched as I would be constantly playing within the walled realm. I miss that sort fun. But now instead of outside, we have our adventures on paper. 🙂 Thank you.



  2. Reminds me of the days I believed Santa existed and everyone told me so too! 🙂
    He came to my school too with presents! 🙂
    Ah, the innocence of childhood! Love your piece.
    But it also makes me wonder… when I get to that stage, would I be a more matter-of-fact mother who would tell her daughter dryly about the boring facts of life? Man! I hope I do better than that! :-/

    Here’s my attempt:

  3. Love it. I think the first sentence and the second sentence get at the same thing, but that the first one does a better job. My light concrit is only with the idea that you could delete or simplify one and give yourself a few more words to play with, but really I love it — absolutely unique.

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