Smile Wednesday!

I went to the zoo on Saturday, to celebrate our Polar Bear’s birthday. Louie is about eight, and his girlfriend, Apuna I think, doesn’t have age. Mostly it was her birthday, but once Louie found out their was seal blubber in the snow cake he took over. There were s’mores and party favors. I took pictures of the bears but they are not clear unless you know what to look for.

But take a look at this. It’s so cold here that I can blow bubbles, watch them freeze, and poke a hole without popping it.

We did it for science!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and off to an excellent start. I’m in a writing class now where every one agrees that Wishbone is the greatest show ever.

Now go! Make the most of this week! Smile! This snake is rooting for you!

He does it just to impress you

By Jason Sweeney


2 thoughts on “Smile Wednesday!

  1. I could probably freeze a bubble in my flat right now. Useless central heating!

    Love that snake by the way. I wonder if there’s a market for it, and if snakes would take to having limbs again?

    • I support this endeavour wholeheartedly. We should give snakes arms and then apple pie and see what glorious chaos happens as a result.

      I’m just now putting up Friday’s post, which is prompts for people to create with. Thanks for checking this place out.

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