Fantastical Friday

Yesterday I discovered that I have a very random ability. I can type faster and more coherently with my eyes shut. I was trying out something that had been thrown out in class- Writing, as suggested, was best when the writer had no idea what was going on. So I sat down, opened up a new document, opened my mind, shut my eyes and typed. I think I’m going to edit the results a little later tonight, but overall I’m quite pleased with the results.

I recommend everyone try it.

Link of interest:

Live Life: A Day Dreamer’s Journal …looking for submissions, help break the Guinness World Record of Most Author’s for one book

And if you’d be so kind, I’d appreciate constructive criticism on a story I’m going to submit to UAA’s lit magazine, Understory. The story is Castles Made of Mud.

On to the main event: Happy Friday! If you can think of any ideas you’d like to see, share below. See what you can make of these prompts:


The eel darted across the murky waters, passing by the shipwreck unnoticed.

The cluttered cacophony shuddered, and then silence.

The katana fell to the ground without making a noise. There were no words left anyways.

It was easy enough to find good, legible, ‘N’s and ‘O’s in the first magazine. Finding the next couple of letters was much more difficult.

I woke up in another city, and I had only been sleeping for two hours this time.

Rock looked to Paper, who looked to Scissors and an uncomfortable silence fell between them.

It was the fifth of January and they were already talking about tomorrow trying not to remember what had happened last week.

A malicious rubick’s cube

Paste, Pale, Prick

And then there’s this:

Ultimate Traffic Cam


{Have a lovely weekend all!}

Care to share?

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