Smile Wednesday

I know I have a number of readers on this blog, and a few commenters. I really hope that wherever you are, your finding a reason to smile today. Or a reason to just make something.  I just read my newspaper and there are some crazy things happening in town.

Of course, the real fun is on Craigslist. Possibly the worst way for me to spend my day, because inevitably I end up looking at the puppies I cannot take home. I volunteer at the shelter sure, but they rarely offer me adorable blonde Labrador puppies to play with.

For example:

Well, damn. Sign me up!

For those that cannot read it, it says:

We are two gentleman in need of a trio of sexy personal security. In times as such safety is always our number one concern. Please do not send a resume’ consisting of background that does not  directly correlate to the offer. We need to make sure you have the proper skills and paperwork to carry a concealed weapon. This offer will most likely fillup quickley so please do not hesitate to send in your measurments, as as job quilfications and a picture of you in a bikini.

Desired skills: Rock Climbing, Foreign Languages, Martial Arts,  Pole Dancing, Weapon Quals, High School Diploma, Passport, Demolition experiance, Great Cook, Beer Pong playing, Hand to hand combat, Pilots Liscense, Phsycology degree, Great looks.




Yeah, let me see how many of those things I can check off. Right, looks like I just need that High School Diploma and I’m good. Later this afternoon I will be in a Psych study, so I’m gonna enjoy playing mind games with the experimenters.

Happy February!

See you on Friday, or earlier if anyone decides to email their art.


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