Fearless Friday

Good evening, good morning, good day. My week in one word: hit-my-head-against-desk. There’s dashes in there, so it counts. Moral of the story: never be afraid of going to a Professor’s office hours. Seriously. This weekend I have a lot to learn about Econometrics (it’s the un-holy trifecta of Statistics, Calculus, and Economics with a dash of β), Macro Economics, and Computer Programming. I enjoy them all there’s just an overload of, well, everything. 

But I get at least four hours this weekend for personal free time. I will either be:
a) doing needlepoint (so close to being done!)
b) Making Valentine’s for invisable boyfriends (he’s muscian)
c) Creative Writing homework.

And what do all these things have in common? Ding, ding, ding! I have to be über creative, at least for my assorted homeworks. So! Join me! Join me in my quest to not let boredom rule! Join me in my quest to avoid serious things and just make something silly!

Enjoy these prompts. Use crayons if you draw, or if you don’t. Multi-colored stories are very cheery. Just don’t get it on the walls. Share any story ideas you have below in the comments. (Or jokes. I like jokes.)

|| and so it begins ||

The melted wax splashed onto the counter, dark splotches of color from the disapating crayon.

Secretly I collected _____, and kept them in ___________.

The camel reached it’s head through the zoo bars and blinked twice in acknowledgement of her question.

The first humming bird looked to other and said, “Paul I really think that you have problem.”

The first text book hit the ground with a resounding thunk twenty feet down from her window on the wet grass.

Jimmy said it was a clue (you know how he is) and I felt it was my sworn duty to play along.

Mustache, pistachio, turn.

The white dress

At night, the letters on the pages rearranged themselves. The noisy rustle woke up the others on the bookshelf occasionally.


and that’s all she wrote

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