Smile Wednesday

Hello again!

Once more I have been lazy and neglected my duties to you. For the record: my Friday post does exist I just never finished it. I will be traveling for the next two weeks and my sister will be taking care of this Friday for me. I am in Seattle today, and who knows where tomorrow. Last night I was at my cousin’s house where we played the most amazing game while drinking our rum and cokes. It’s called Munchkin which is kind of D&D and can get pretty agressive based on the whims of your competiors.

Are we all having an awesome Wednesday? I’ve got a plane to catch this afternoon. There’s been rumor’s that I’m going to the worst airport ever. Of course, I’ve been to some pretty miniature airports in southeast Alaska so it’ll tough to beat.

Okay! Smile Wednesday it is! Um… all I’ve heard in the past forty-eight hours are terribly tasteless jokes, so I’ll just have to find something else.


I picked this picture because it reminded me of those made up kingdoms we’ve all had.  Take time today to revisit them if you can.


PS: Saw my first Urban Knitting. Really Seattle? Are you that bored?

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