Inspiration Friday! -Guest Editor

So as you probably know, Elise is not here. While she is off traveling, she has left me (her little sister) in charge of Inspiration Friday. Whether or not that was a good choice is still up in the air…

Let’s just hope I don’t screw it up. 

Anyways! Here are a few inspirational ideas, feel free to pick and choose from them. Or, if you’re feeling brave, combine them all into one glorious piece of art, music, poem, or story. Hey, you could even do a collage! As long as it gets your creative thoughts flowing, then it is all good. 



2. The world just collapsed. Did society literally just fall apart?  What happens now in the post-apocalyptic world? Or was that a metaphor, and we are all ok?

3. “Her cheek bones cut the air like a razor when she walked into the room. Simultaneously, twenty men turned and stared as she sashayed to her seat….” Continue from there. 

4. Make something to accompany the sound “Na Na Nothing” by Mike Doughty. In case you haven’t heard it, here is a link to the video: (This song is also my latest obsession. <3) 

5.  Q: What’d the monkey say to the banana?

A. “Hey! Get out of here Banana, I’m trying to sleep!”

(Yes, that is a joke a five year old would tell. Deal with it.)


Painting done by Justin Lee Brown aka Desiderata

Here is his blog:

Well? Are you feeling inspired yet? 

Good luck in all your pursuits! 

Care to share?

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