Smile Wednesday

Things that made me happy today:
1. I wrote a nice story for class
Possible tittles:
My first week at Summer Camp
The Catfish
Something that sounds cool

erm, its a work in progress….

2.  I got a tough assignment at work and I actually know what to do
3. My grandmother helped me in creating a new recipe
4.  My outfit… don’t judge, but it’s fun for me to dress up a little

My reaction–

What are things you are proud you did today?

This is for you:

Oh! Oh! I finally spelled Wednessday Wednesday in the title right on the first try!

Hope the rest of your week is marvelous.
(There I used the m-word, you owe $5 because it is in fact still acceptable to use. You know who you are.)

2 thoughts on “Smile Wednesday

  1. LOL, you should go with the third title choice, very original!

    What’s up with the pineapple, because that totally makes my day.

    Hmmm…what to be proud of today…that I have not fallen asleep at my desk, even though I really really really want to.

    That I was able to make changes to a guests travel…for the third time.

    I was able to make a recipe with my family last night…I’m not the best cook so they picked up the slack, but I’m proud of the great tasting end result.

    • The Pineapple is from Psych where Shawn has a great love for them. 🙂

      What did you cook? I’ll be trying my recipe out on Sunday for the sedar.

      Ending title: Lincoln County Road… which is a really random reference

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