About the Creator


My name is Elise.  I’ve got green eyes, and dark brown hair that desperately needs a haircut.  I like to laugh, and I like to help other people. If you know a terribly cheesy joke, I’d love to hear it. I live with chronic depression, and that fact no longer bugs me.

Something very important has happened to me this year: my scars have begun to fade. The emotional ones I’m learning to deal with and the physical ones that I created are finally healing over. It’s amazing to me to watch them go. I had held onto my fears, and my past far too long. Instead of feeling guilty because of what happened, I’ve now come to understand them and move past them.

It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point in my life.  I am currently taking medication to control it. I still have small episodes, but they are much easier to deal with now. One of the best things that has helped me during these moments is to find an artistic outlet.  Sometimes I write, sometimes I draw. I think there’s a half-finished needlepoint around my room somewhere.

There was one day though, when I had a really bad experience and spent the night trapped in a very destructive spiral.  I had one of my friends come over and stay with me that night. The next day I created the original Tool Box. It was just a paper tool box, with cut outs of tools inside it. On each tool was something I could use to get out of that spiral if it ever happened again. It’s been several months since then and I’ve decide to expand on the Tool Box. I’ve created this website for people who’ve been, and who are, in a similar situation. This website is a home for people who need support and need a way to channel their energy into art.

This is a community for people to talk, to listen, and to create. On wednessdays I will post something to make you smile, and on friday I will post something to inspire something.  I can’t promise I will always post on time. I will try and I hope you will try to create something, too.

Enjoy the site and have fun!


10 thoughts on “About the Creator

  1. I have an artistic void, as well as live with depression. A creative outlet would be amazing, but I haven’t quite found the right one (yet). Your story is a reminder that when I do find it, it will be worth the search. Also I want to say, I think the idea behind your site is a great one. A refreshing resource.

  2. This is a lovely site with such a lovely message! I have no doubt that many will come to share their troubles, their successes and their love of various types of art. I love the idea of making a list of what makes you happy. Maybe I will have to try something like that. Excellent job on this site! Thank you!

  3. I read a book last week end the book title is Coming Back To Me: The Autobiography of Marcus Trescothick i would suggest you to read it aas well ,excellent biography of a cricketer who falls into depression during one of the games.

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