How To Submit Work

Submitting your artwork is a very easy process. Artwork itself is a very loose term, and submissions will be different from person to person.

Step one: Create.

This site was created as vehicle for you to express and channel  negative emotions into artwork. Here are some examples of things you could create:

  1. A list of reasons why your life is worth living. Like, ‘Getting lost in a library’ which is on my list.
  2. A letter to someone you know.
  3. Poetry, structured or free verse.
  4. A short story.
  5. A drawing using paints, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite.
  6. Photographic art. Either manipulated in Photoshop or without editing.
  7. A mask.
  8.  A sculpture.
  9. Needle point.
  10. Music, spoken art. Can either be an mp3 file or a link to a youtube video.

Step two: Edit.

For those with written submissions it is highly recommended that you proof read your work before you publish it. An editor, someone on the site, will be provided by request. Editors can help you develop a story, find errors, or just generally be there to bounce ideas off of.

Step three: Email

Email your submission to: All artwork will be looked at before it is posted and checked for suitable content (censorship will be an extremely rare occurrence).  Please include in your email: The name you want to go by and an explanation of what you’re presenting (optional). How much personal information you want to include is up to you.

Step four: View your artwork.

Turnaround time from initial contact to posting is very short at the moment. You can expect to see your finished artwork displayed within two days.

After submission:

After you’ve submitted artwork feel free to enjoy what others have posted. The secondary goal to this website is receive feedback and generate communication with others around you. This website is meant to contain a positive atmosphere for people who are under extreme stress and need an anonymous outlet.

Have fun creating!

Examples of art work:

A mask created by my friend. Sometimes just doing a labor intensive project can be distracting.

A mural created by students at UAA. This canvas was available to anyone who walked in.

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