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Inspiration Friday

I am just exhausted from this week. I have great classes but they are all jam-packed together into one squishy mess of chaos and campus-running-around-ness. I reserve the right to make up words, yes.  Below are writing/art/drawing/painting prompts. Please feel free to add your own ideas into the comment section. Don’t forget there is still a contest  going on.


Dear Mr. Stevenson,

We have received your application today, and have taken careful note of all your special talents abilities. Despite your overwhelming lack of qualifications, we have already hired someone else who is not crazy. Thank you for your inquiry.

She played with the red gold band on her finger to keep her nerves in check.

The coloring book she gave her son had blank pages originally. However, each day a new page was filled with increasingly weird images.

It was not unusual to see the Man in the Moon hanging in the night sky. Tonight though, he had brought his wife.

Curl, cave, convex, custom

The burns on his arms were healing, even as the scars changed.

The day the sun went Nova, that’s when I knew.

The comet came only once every fifty years. Each time it seemed to glow a little dimmer. After all this time, the comet still did not want to give up searching for her.  She had promised.

I would not mind if you whispered those words again.

The cat pawed at the notebook trying to get it open.

{Happy Friday}



Inspiration Friday

Let’s see what else is happening this week… Colbert is running for president, SOPA draws nearer to the Senate, and education of the masses starts next week. I must warn you: the History books may not be kind to us and so we must chose our words carefully, my friends.

Enjoy these prompts, and leave some of your own in the comments.


It was no use to him practically but theoretically, yes. How it could jump between perceptions and boundaries he did not know or care. There was work to be done.

A requiem is meant to ferry the dead to safe harbors; so she sang. But the melody choked and seemed to become a lullaby. And who could sleep when the grave yards were being buried in work.

The old clock was tired of its job; its arms sagged, the ticks n’ tocks yawned, and the chiming of the hour was melancholy at best.

Heart, dawn, bloom

The newspaper-real honest to god paper- had to resort to extreme headlines to reclaim its audience.

This contract can be canceled in case of an act of god. See section 13, part B.

“Another gem,” she mused, “like the one given to Persephone from her husband to soothe her.”

From the beach I could see the whales, 3 of them, breeching on the hour, every hour. They had been doing it all day.

Copper burns green.


Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend. Massive snowfall here, means sledding. See you on the slopes!

Remember, there’s also a contest going on.

Fickle Friday

So… apparently you can set wordpress to post things at a certain time. What does this mean? Well right now I’m not even remotely near a computer. Digital Media Player provided to flights from Anchorage to Hawaii, yes. Internet, no. This is therefore a post sent to the future from the past.  In the past Congress was fighting to block el Presidente. There were no more new Harry Potter movies. Have things  changed much in the future? I hope my presence does not create a paradox. I shall move now to dwell in the realm of fiction where these things do not plague me. At this very moment (The one where I am currently in the future. Keep up now.) I am ordering (suprisingly delicious) airplane food. Pardon me, I do not like to post with my mouth full.

Without further ado- Here are some prompts to create art; drawings, stories, pictures… Have fun!

—| enjoy |—

She liked to play it by ear. The small apendage fit nicely in her pocket and turned cold when it was needed.

Fickle, uranium, confection

Contrary to popular opinion, yellow was not originally part of the spectrum.

Votes, much like dice, were a thing to be bet upon once cast. Most people were shy to wager on the outcome of the small triangle in play.

The moon has exactly seven noticeble craters

Recently there has been a decline in the value of five dollar words.

The mast of the ship was decorated by a large octopus that was entangled around a broken glass botle

An acronym from a common word that indicates the opposite

A folktale on why armadillos wear armor. (or any other creature. Did you really think anteaters enjoy the taste of ants?)

Crowley is displeased.

made by vt_graphics


Please post bellow any things you’d like to see created. Ideas are meant to be shared!

I’d also like to remind you that there is a contest going on AS THESE WORDS ARE BEING TRANSCRIBED.

All the best,


And with a snap, the watch was shut

This story was inspired by the ‘Fantastical Friday’ Prompts posted at the end of last year/last week. The Ymp can be found on twitter, @theymp.

He wanted to add:

Not quite ready to relinquish Christmas. 100-word drabble inspired by “Star of Wonder” by Tori Amos. “Some things happen in their own time…”

Prompt: She opened her watch again, scowled and snapped it shut. She looked back up at the stars, waiting for them to align.

————-Star of Wonder by The Ymp——————–

Fire from distant, alien suns blazed through the dark, empty vacuum of space, taking countless light-years to reach her eyes.

All of creation was balanced for this one perfect, clockwork moment as the future of the cosmos teetered on the brink of salvation.

A new star of wonder burst into life to lead them onward.

The stubborn donkey brayed in irritation, balking at its owner’s instructions, unhappy to be out in the chill desert night.

Fate tapped her foot in disbelief as the pre-ordained moment passed unmarked.

The paperwork alone would take millennia; celestial objects were so much more straightforward…


Happy writing, everyone. Don’t forget there’s a contest going on!

Fantastical Friday

…and, ta-da….

I’m on twitter: @Hammer_and_Nail.  No, no, don’t stop the presses. In fact, keep them going. I’d like to start spreading the word about this  blog a little bit more. I want to hear from the audience and get back to the original game plan: engaging with people and displaying what you have to share. Remember, I’m just the narrator. This is our community. In the side bar you’ll see there is a little twitter feed displaying recent tweets. I’ve also created a flyer to post around my little town. Feel free to print it off and do the same. (Karma, people. Karma.)

Happy Friday everyone! The most amazing thing happened to me this week: My sister bought me Pumpkin Pie pop tarts.  They are in fact the greatest thing ever. Other than that, I prepared my office for impending doom the New Year. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. I even set goals for my little cubicle.  Like, keep organized. I can’t remember the other reasons because I lost the list under the pile of papers from yesterday. No matter! Lumbergh will still get his TPS reports.

For today, here are some prompts. Happy writing!

o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o| Enjoy| o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

There’s a reason we keep the cat in the bag.

I am the keeper of tongues: Je parle français. Yo hablo español. Я говорю России. Jeg taler dansk. אני מדבר עברית. They are all sealed inside my locket.

Pour, tear, clear

The solider empted his canteen
Only to see there wasn’t any to sip.
White knuckles on the bayonet
He waited for the sunrise to slip.

A conversation in tweets:
@Mask_Attack::  @VilliansAnon, I’m at the bank like we agreed. Where’d everybody go??
Mask_Attack has checked into First National Bank on the Corner of A and 13th

Transducer | Definition: To convert matter into energy

In the year 2036 we play checkers in a very different fashion. There’s the board the size of the football field. The players sit on their flying disks, hovering above the ground waiting for the Royalty (used to be a quarterback) to call the shots. It’s quite a spectacle. Of course, after the debacle in 2028 they have to wear armor now. That way it does not get to bloody when someone is violently King’ed.  And the cheerleaders are amazing.

Gloves with laser pointers on the fingers. ..and other technological advancements to mundane items.

She opened her watch again, scowled and snapped it shut. She looked back up at the stars, waiting for them to align.

Be on your guard when you see a smiling dragon:



Now off you go! Send me poetry! Send me scribbles! Send me 100 word drabbles if you dare! And comment with prompts you want to see.

And don’t forget there’s a CONTEST  going on.

Battle of Wits and Words

Let’s start the New Year off in a good mood. Let’s have a contest!

Contest Tittle: In A Moment 

Prize: $20 gift card to Barnes and Nobel for 1st place. $15 gift card to Barnes and Nobel for 2nd place. $5 gift card to Starbucks for the 3rd place.
The prompt: Describe a moment that inspired you and what change you decided to take as result.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.
The idea: Write an essay no more than 500 words; or no more than 300 words if you also include an photo.
The deadline: February 1st, 2012. Entries will be posted up to this date. On this day the winners will be announced.
The Judges: There will be three people reading the essays, and will be collaborating on who wins.
The Fine Print: All work must be original, including the photographs. All work will be emailed to toolbox.submissions@gmail.com. Include in your email: Your real name, a penname for your work to be posted under (optional), and the essay.

This could be an essay about something small: Like starting to write poetry because of your first kiss. Volunteering at the animal shelter because your puppy felt ill. Or it could be about a huge change in your life:  Like moving to a new home because you saw a house falling apart on 6th avenue. I leave it entirely to your creative whims.

Calvin and Hobbes have already set the rules: There are no rules.