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Fickle Friday

So… apparently you can set wordpress to post things at a certain time. What does this mean? Well right now I’m not even remotely near a computer. Digital Media Player provided to flights from Anchorage to Hawaii, yes. Internet, no. This is therefore a post sent to the future from the past.  In the past Congress was fighting to block el Presidente. There were no more new Harry Potter movies. Have things  changed much in the future? I hope my presence does not create a paradox. I shall move now to dwell in the realm of fiction where these things do not plague me. At this very moment (The one where I am currently in the future. Keep up now.) I am ordering (suprisingly delicious) airplane food. Pardon me, I do not like to post with my mouth full.

Without further ado- Here are some prompts to create art; drawings, stories, pictures… Have fun!

—| enjoy |—

She liked to play it by ear. The small apendage fit nicely in her pocket and turned cold when it was needed.

Fickle, uranium, confection

Contrary to popular opinion, yellow was not originally part of the spectrum.

Votes, much like dice, were a thing to be bet upon once cast. Most people were shy to wager on the outcome of the small triangle in play.

The moon has exactly seven noticeble craters

Recently there has been a decline in the value of five dollar words.

The mast of the ship was decorated by a large octopus that was entangled around a broken glass botle

An acronym from a common word that indicates the opposite

A folktale on why armadillos wear armor. (or any other creature. Did you really think anteaters enjoy the taste of ants?)

Crowley is displeased.

made by vt_graphics


Please post bellow any things you’d like to see created. Ideas are meant to be shared!

I’d also like to remind you that there is a contest going on AS THESE WORDS ARE BEING TRANSCRIBED.

All the best,