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Inspiration Friday with a side of Lasagna

I got to see a really awesome debate today. Yes, I know, my terrible secret comes out. I like debating, I love economics, and Star Trek is my comfort food (but for the telly). I guess this means I’m a nerd or something. Anyway: debate. The 1% is killing the American Dream. I don’t think that this topic was handled as well as it should have been. The two sides didn’t really address each other. It was still entertaining, but in the end I didn’t vote on the issue so much as I voted on the better debate team. Then after debate I went to a bakery and the gym. I like the gym just for the endorphins I get afterwards. And of course, no day is complete without some chaotic element which brings me to diner. In an attempt to feed my Italian cravings I made lasagna. Or I would have if I had not broken the lasagna pan, a mason jar, and spilled red punch in the process. Yes, that is exactly what it would like if I horrifically murdered Mr. Body (because the lead pipe is so mainstream). Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster God for reaching out your noodly appendage to grant my humble small slushy town with an Olive Garden. Seriously, this is news.

I have to write a story for my Creative Writing class due on Tuesday, and I am freaking out. I think I may have to resort to real life, because let’s face it: Reality exists merely to contradict it’s self on a daily basis by spontaneously erupting into bursts of randomly weird things.

If you have any ideas, feel free to share. As always, you can email me at: toolbox.submissions@gmail.com


The camel considered, albeit briefly, the ramifications of his latest plot. A week in the stables for scaring the crap out of American tourists? Worth it.

The earth is slow but the buffalo is patient.

April 1st came on Saturday this year, and Audrey noticed it was oddly quiet. She even checked her calendar twice.

That awkward moment when the guest in hotel room 304 calls down to the front desk asking about special movie channels.

#51: Discovering a new country.

“Jim, you’re missing the point. You don’t wear a bathing suit to pool. You were jeans and I give you a Pool Cue. Just- just- go take off those swim trunks. Did you really think the bar had a pool in the back?”

Anna Marrie Lynn’s piggy bank would not break, and all the coins she’d saved rattled inside while she tried to break it.

The camera obscura flips images, turns things around, and that was the crux of the issue. It’s hard enough when things are in black and white.

“No, I am not making this up. Absolutely the lasagna pan dropped itself.”

Castiel is adorable


No, seriously guys. If you have anything to share to kick me in to writing my story I’d be much obliged. I have three half ideas right now but nothing fleshed out. Oy vey. I’ll be in the corner muttering half ideas and doing needle point because I can. 

Write on!

See y’all soon.


Inspiration Friday

I am so happy it is the day of rest! I have much more work to do before I am all caught up. Things I have accomplished so far:

1. Putting all the papers my boss stacked onto my desk into one neat and organized mess on his desk… (revenge clutter!)
2. Confirming that I am alive with all my friends (alternately confirming that I did travel and was not ignoring them).
3. Watching Supernatural episodes I missed.
4. 1/3 of a homework assignment

After this post I hope to add more to that list. It’s too easy to let the little things pile up around ya. If you have free time make the most of it.

Here are some prompts to get you started on a creative venture.


The leak meant I had to clean out under my sink, and there I found…

When was not the question he’d meant to ask.

The air raid sirens were common, and the shaking became natural.

“Love me for no less than who I was and love me for no more than who I am.”

The first incision was small and that’s when she knew everything would be alright.

“You should go to the dance with me because I’m gonna take you to Red Lobster.  My grandpa gave me a coupon ’cause you are one special lady and you deserve the best.”

Smile Wednesday!

I went to the zoo on Saturday, to celebrate our Polar Bear’s birthday. Louie is about eight, and his girlfriend, Apuna I think, doesn’t have age. Mostly it was her birthday, but once Louie found out their was seal blubber in the snow cake he took over. There were s’mores and party favors. I took pictures of the bears but they are not clear unless you know what to look for.

But take a look at this. It’s so cold here that I can blow bubbles, watch them freeze, and poke a hole without popping it.

We did it for science!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and off to an excellent start. I’m in a writing class now where every one agrees that Wishbone is the greatest show ever.

Now go! Make the most of this week! Smile! This snake is rooting for you!

He does it just to impress you

By Jason Sweeney


Smile! Wednesday

Merry Christmas! Who here  lit the tree on fire? And Happy Hanukkah! Who here cheated at dreidel? Yes, it is that time of season.  Time to celebrate with family, friends, or the pets that love you despite character flaws.  We had an absolute snow storm here which was  good for sledding. Even better excuse to stay inside and to play games. Apples to Apples anyone? (For the more adventurous there’s Cards Against Humanity) Most importantly I hope everyone had fun retelling stories.  Even if your drunk uncle did interrupt it, and your niece two chairs down mispronounced some key words.

Since it’s wednesday it is time to smile. This year is almost at it’s close. Everyone values a hand made card. So here are some drawing tips!

Next up, a dragon

And if your not making cards: you are a lazy person.

Have fun celebrating!


Meanwhile, I’m having a 90’s music week.  My playlist is:

  1. The Reason by Hoobstank
  2. Every morning by Sugar Ray
  3. I’ll Be by Edward McCain
  4. I Will Buy You A New Life by Everclear
  5. Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
  6. This is How You Remind Me by Nickleback.
  7. Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera

Yes, I am missing like 20 songs from this list. These are just the ones that are really stuck. I could pretty much write a full article on some of these songs. (#4 is a ghost story, seriously.) Care to share any music from your decade?

Is Leftovers Friday or Inspirational Friday?

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there!

I was pleasantly surprised this year by Thanksgiving. Last year I was also surprised by Thanksgiving, but it was the terrible surprise where your heart is stuck in your throat, and you can’t think of anything better to do than call 9-1-1. By comparison alone, this Thanksgiving was amazing. I cooked a lovely dinner, albeit without turkey, and sipped beer with my dad and boyfriend. We played varying mind games, and laughed. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who love me, to have the opportunity to go to college, and to have a job that’s fun and challenging. I really want to thank you also, dear reader. I know I’ve been slow about posting, but I appreciate you taking the time to read over this.

Feel free to comment, to say hello or otherwise. It’s inspiration Friday and if you’d like to share some ideas, go ahead. I hope these amuse and perplex you.


This is the story of the Thanksgiving revolt. The pies began smoldering and grumbling within the oven, and the mash potatoes stirred uncomfortably. They plotted.

3D glasses that unlock one more dimension, one more layer to view

Truth thins that temptation, the thickening theory that tiptoes too close.

Cross Step Waltz

With all the snow, it was like she was driving inside a long white tunnel. The only indication of anything else on the road where pin-points of light. Red dots, green dots, and two yellow dots that seem to be getting closer.

It took a lot of work to dig a hole big enough for the well.

Curl, storm, abyss

I went to the store and I bought milk, kitty litter, apricots, sandals, towel, snow shoes, sunglasses, raspberry vodka, lime juice,  a menorah, a crucifix, a Qur’an, an icicle, a three legged Doberman puppy named Glickman with a hole in one ear, a kitty litter scoop,  lotion, an adjective scrapper, and duct tape that has zebra stripes. Man, next time I really should make a budget beforehand.

“Well, in retrospect we should have suspected the acidic compound would mutate the base. But honestly, Jenkins, I thought you knew to put a lock on the grasshopper’s cage.”

When the situation flips:





And remember: