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Summer Time

I was recently inspired by an article I read over at Nerd Fitness. It was a how to guide on Living Vicariously. You know how sometimes theres a video or a person you see where you walk away thinking Man, I wish I could do that? Yes.

Well I decided that there are a couple of talents that I want to learn, a second language for one.  Of course I prefer to start with small goals and work my way up.  For this Summer I plan to:

1. Write a minimum of 50,000 words this summer.
I want to improve my writing and to do that I need to practice more. I don’t mean writing a novel, but short stories as well. Just so long as the cumulative is that 50k mark.

2. Swim a mile.
People who’ve read this know I swam a lot last semester. I didn’t continue this semester but I want to return to it. The most laps I did in one night was twenty. A mile is thirty five. I will work my way back up, I swear.  I did this originally to control my back pain and it really is great.

In August I’ll let you know if I managed to keep it up.

What are your summer goals?

Tell me below so we can keep tabs on each other.



Grow a Little

I received this email today from an old friend. He lives very far away, so it was very nice to hear from him. Below is a little statue he made, and his explanation.

“I haven’t been well recently and being a private and very prideful person in general I avoided (and always have) getting help. Yesterday I made Gordon (see attached picture) because I felt so alone and detached. This prompted me to just swallow my pride and get a therapist. I’m waiting on a call back now and really hope this works out. I thought I would share Gordon with you all because he represents a breaking point with me right now. He was the only gourd that I grew from seed this year that didn’t rot or simply not grow. The place where I planted was too shady and the soil has some kind of fungus. In a sense Gordon was my last hope – I think that’s why I made him. Enjoy Gordon and I hope he may inspire your own Gordon!”

There's always room to grow a little

These are the things that I know…

These are the things I know…

I haven’t spoken to you in a while, and I’m sorry for that. I started this blog and I want to keep it alive, even if I haven’t had many things submitted. It’s an understatement to say I was busy.

Today, I’d like to do something different. I’d like to talk about what these past couples of months have taught me, and how swimming has improved my life. Continue reading