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Hey, we haven’t talked in awhile. And I think that is the crux of the problem. I have not given you, given this project, the time it deserves. I’m moving in August. Did I tell you that already? No, I’m afraid not. Ah, well, let me tell you something that gave me pause. My co-worker, Chels (you’d like her, she’s really funny and we like the same music), was saying to me yesterday that:

Whatever you’re afraid of, there’s a reason for it. Find it and embrace it.

She’s right. I thought about it, and I kinda am a little bit terrified about moving to the big city. As you may have guessed, I live in a  small town.  In the fall I will be going to a bigger, more crowded, louder, place. It’s …different. Different in a way that I’m not used to. Like when I went to Israel and I had no idea who I’d be with, just that we had something in common. Or when I first jumped off a diving board and wondered: just how deep is the pool?  

What I’m saying is, I’m so wrapped in my adventure I have not been updating the Tool Box. This is something that has meant everything to me. I truly believe that when you experience an episode of depression and feel trapped in your head the best (and healthiest) thing to do is throw yourself into a creative frenzy. Drawing is nice, and stick figures totally count.  Throwing paint at a canvas, writing poetry, or listening to loud music.  Everyone needs that outlet.

I’ll still read my emails if you want to share. You can find me on my personal blog, too.

Be well, and take care.