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Kinda Friday

This is a weird week. There were elections for the mayor and a few proposals—it caused quite a stir. Then there was tickets released for the Eddie Izzard show. Oh! And remember how I said I got a project at work I knew how to do? Apparently not.  I feel like this week was a weird balance of kinda-bad luck and kinda-good luck making it into a kinda- interesting week.  Whatever, I have high hopes for the weekend.

Oh, and I got one idea and flew into a writer’s frenzy. O___O

Y’all got any cool stories?

–Here are some ideas-

The three boxes were in front of him. He set down his mask tentatively and reached for…

The calendar on the wall still said September with the large happy aardvark. Even though it was April she couldn’t bear to let it go.

The book fell down from the library shelves onto its spine and out fell the perfumed stationary.

Her hair fell in long cascading waves of sepia tones.

The paint washed over his skin. He wrinkled his nose at the smell as he watched the colors cover him.

The rocking chair went back and forth as it silently considered

Lime, sea, leap



Well, what’s your posion?

EDIT: This happened in China…


Wash Away

From The Ymp, who has perpetually made me smile with his grim renditions of prompts from Inspiration Friday.

The Deepest Cut

He was never happy with her, but then she’d never meant to let him in at all in the first place. Then, seemingly against her will, he’d gone and taken over her entire life; filling every nook of her mind with his temper and every cranny of her house with his crap.

She hadn’t managed to tidy and he’d been displeased. When consciousness returned it was to blurry vision and ears that buzzed alarmingly.

He was in the bath; he liked being clean. The first incision was small and that’s when she knew everything would be alright. It’ll wash away.