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If I Could Just Have A Moment More

My Contribution to Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers community.

If I Could Just Have A Moment More by Elise

The white arches looked like bones supporting grand wings. Lofty heights and imagined places of faraway made the man smile. He sat quietly in the back of the atrium on a small bench, unnoticed. He clutched the brief case in his hands tighter and continued to wait. The sun was beautiful today. Everything was; every sweet breath of air was a painful reminder.

tick tock tick tock

The brief case was shaking in his arms. He thought of his wife, and her relentless optimism. If only she was…No. He had to focus.

His cell phone began to ring.

Tick toc–


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Friday Fictioneers: Worms

My Contribution to Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers community.


I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter that when she buried her gummy worm in the ground nothing would grow. The autumn air was cold, stinging her cheeks  as she stumbled on the ground. She giggled profusely when she set the acorn on top of it to keep the worm warm. I’d already seen her cartoon drawings of the grown up thing; a multi-colored bird with a lopsided grin. I couldn’t tell her. I wanted her to keep every precious moment of child wonder that she could. “C’mon, let’s go get hot-cocoa,” I said while taking her hand.