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Smile International Wednesday

Well, I’m back! I was in Israel for ten days, going from north to south. I hiked, floated, and danced with  new friends. Tonight I scrapbook.

These are the two funniest pictures I have:

Mmmm, Delicious

and my favorite–



Friday Fictioneers: Worms

My Contribution to Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers community.


I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter that when she buried her gummy worm in the ground nothing would grow. The autumn air was cold, stinging her cheeks  as she stumbled on the ground. She giggled profusely when she set the acorn on top of it to keep the worm warm. I’d already seen her cartoon drawings of the grown up thing; a multi-colored bird with a lopsided grin. I couldn’t tell her. I wanted her to keep every precious moment of child wonder that she could. “C’mon, let’s go get hot-cocoa,” I said while taking her hand.

Fickle Friday

So… apparently you can set wordpress to post things at a certain time. What does this mean? Well right now I’m not even remotely near a computer. Digital Media Player provided to flights from Anchorage to Hawaii, yes. Internet, no. This is therefore a post sent to the future from the past.  In the past Congress was fighting to block el Presidente. There were no more new Harry Potter movies. Have things  changed much in the future? I hope my presence does not create a paradox. I shall move now to dwell in the realm of fiction where these things do not plague me. At this very moment (The one where I am currently in the future. Keep up now.) I am ordering (suprisingly delicious) airplane food. Pardon me, I do not like to post with my mouth full.

Without further ado- Here are some prompts to create art; drawings, stories, pictures… Have fun!

—| enjoy |—

She liked to play it by ear. The small apendage fit nicely in her pocket and turned cold when it was needed.

Fickle, uranium, confection

Contrary to popular opinion, yellow was not originally part of the spectrum.

Votes, much like dice, were a thing to be bet upon once cast. Most people were shy to wager on the outcome of the small triangle in play.

The moon has exactly seven noticeble craters

Recently there has been a decline in the value of five dollar words.

The mast of the ship was decorated by a large octopus that was entangled around a broken glass botle

An acronym from a common word that indicates the opposite

A folktale on why armadillos wear armor. (or any other creature. Did you really think anteaters enjoy the taste of ants?)

Crowley is displeased.

made by vt_graphics


Please post bellow any things you’d like to see created. Ideas are meant to be shared!

I’d also like to remind you that there is a contest going on AS THESE WORDS ARE BEING TRANSCRIBED.

All the best,


And with a snap, the watch was shut

This story was inspired by the ‘Fantastical Friday’ Prompts posted at the end of last year/last week. The Ymp can be found on twitter, @theymp.

He wanted to add:

Not quite ready to relinquish Christmas. 100-word drabble inspired by “Star of Wonder” by Tori Amos. “Some things happen in their own time…”

Prompt: She opened her watch again, scowled and snapped it shut. She looked back up at the stars, waiting for them to align.

————-Star of Wonder by The Ymp——————–

Fire from distant, alien suns blazed through the dark, empty vacuum of space, taking countless light-years to reach her eyes.

All of creation was balanced for this one perfect, clockwork moment as the future of the cosmos teetered on the brink of salvation.

A new star of wonder burst into life to lead them onward.

The stubborn donkey brayed in irritation, balking at its owner’s instructions, unhappy to be out in the chill desert night.

Fate tapped her foot in disbelief as the pre-ordained moment passed unmarked.

The paperwork alone would take millennia; celestial objects were so much more straightforward…


Happy writing, everyone. Don’t forget there’s a contest going on!

Inspiration Fridays

Week Three

Sorry for the late the update this week! It’s been kind of a fun week- the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur was yesterday. For those who don’t know, that means the conclusion of the New Year’s festiveness. Happy New Year!

On to creativity!

Ideas for (what should have been) October 7th:

Instructions for a holiday celebration. Bonus points for a made up holiday, such as The Day of Honor to The Great and Glorious Lizard King and his Scaly Goodness.

St. James’ Infirmary  

Flying fish in the atmosphere

A calendar with rearranging dates

“That’s gonna be a great story to tell… after years of consuling.” She said, still laughing.

A stuffed armadillo with a story to tell.

The moon.

A six word story.


Post any other ideas you want to see done in the comments below.

*Oh, update, I’ve decided to make Wednessdays ‘Smile Wednesday’.