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Grow a Little

I received this email today from an old friend. He lives very far away, so it was very nice to hear from him. Below is a little statue he made, and his explanation.

“I haven’t been well recently and being a private and very prideful person in general I avoided (and always have) getting help. Yesterday I made Gordon (see attached picture) because I felt so alone and detached. This prompted me to just swallow my pride and get a therapist. I’m waiting on a call back now and really hope this works out. I thought I would share Gordon with you all because he represents a breaking point with me right now. He was the only gourd that I grew from seed this year that didn’t rot or simply not grow. The place where I planted was too shady and the soil has some kind of fungus. In a sense Gordon was my last hope – I think that’s why I made him. Enjoy Gordon and I hope he may inspire your own Gordon!”

There's always room to grow a little