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Wash Away

From The Ymp, who has perpetually made me smile with his grim renditions of prompts from Inspiration Friday.

The Deepest Cut

He was never happy with her, but then she’d never meant to let him in at all in the first place. Then, seemingly against her will, he’d gone and taken over her entire life; filling every nook of her mind with his temper and every cranny of her house with his crap.

She hadn’t managed to tidy and he’d been displeased. When consciousness returned it was to blurry vision and ears that buzzed alarmingly.

He was in the bath; he liked being clean. The first incision was small and that’s when she knew everything would be alright. It’ll wash away.


White Dress

From The Ymp, a drabble based upon a prompt from Inspiration Friday.  He told me that this story was inspired by Dr. Who.

The Nemesis

There were many things in her life that Amy had stood up to, she was no shrinking violet. The color would have clashed with her hair.

She always attacked things head-on – it was both her greatest strength and most devastating weakness.

No, she wasn’t one for the bended knee. Oh God! I feel sick!

She wondered what Rory was doing. Bet he’s not even noticed I’ve gone, she thought.

But she was back; she had to face her fear.

“Deep breaths, old girl,” she imagined her friend would say, as she stared at her great nemesis…

The white dress.

And with a snap, the watch was shut

This story was inspired by the ‘Fantastical Friday’ Prompts posted at the end of last year/last week. The Ymp can be found on twitter, @theymp.

He wanted to add:

Not quite ready to relinquish Christmas. 100-word drabble inspired by “Star of Wonder” by Tori Amos. “Some things happen in their own time…”

Prompt: She opened her watch again, scowled and snapped it shut. She looked back up at the stars, waiting for them to align.

————-Star of Wonder by The Ymp——————–

Fire from distant, alien suns blazed through the dark, empty vacuum of space, taking countless light-years to reach her eyes.

All of creation was balanced for this one perfect, clockwork moment as the future of the cosmos teetered on the brink of salvation.

A new star of wonder burst into life to lead them onward.

The stubborn donkey brayed in irritation, balking at its owner’s instructions, unhappy to be out in the chill desert night.

Fate tapped her foot in disbelief as the pre-ordained moment passed unmarked.

The paperwork alone would take millennia; celestial objects were so much more straightforward…


Happy writing, everyone. Don’t forget there’s a contest going on!