Hey, we haven’t talked in awhile. And I think that is the crux of the problem. I have not given you, given this project, the time it deserves. I’m moving in August. Did I tell you that already? No, I’m afraid not. Ah, well, let me tell you something that gave me pause. My co-worker, Chels (you’d like her, she’s really funny and we like the same music), was saying to me yesterday that:

Whatever you’re afraid of, there’s a reason for it. Find it and embrace it.

She’s right. I thought about it, and I kinda am a little bit terrified about moving to the big city. As you may have guessed, I live in a  small town.  In the fall I will be going to a bigger, more crowded, louder, place. It’s …different. Different in a way that I’m not used to. Like when I went to Israel and I had no idea who I’d be with, just that we had something in common. Or when I first jumped off a diving board and wondered: just how deep is the pool?  

What I’m saying is, I’m so wrapped in my adventure I have not been updating the Tool Box. This is something that has meant everything to me. I truly believe that when you experience an episode of depression and feel trapped in your head the best (and healthiest) thing to do is throw yourself into a creative frenzy. Drawing is nice, and stick figures totally count.  Throwing paint at a canvas, writing poetry, or listening to loud music.  Everyone needs that outlet.

I’ll still read my emails if you want to share. You can find me on my personal blog, too.

Be well, and take care.


Summer Time

I was recently inspired by an article I read over at Nerd Fitness. It was a how to guide on Living Vicariously. You know how sometimes theres a video or a person you see where you walk away thinking Man, I wish I could do that? Yes.

Well I decided that there are a couple of talents that I want to learn, a second language for one.  Of course I prefer to start with small goals and work my way up.  For this Summer I plan to:

1. Write a minimum of 50,000 words this summer.
I want to improve my writing and to do that I need to practice more. I don’t mean writing a novel, but short stories as well. Just so long as the cumulative is that 50k mark.

2. Swim a mile.
People who’ve read this know I swam a lot last semester. I didn’t continue this semester but I want to return to it. The most laps I did in one night was twenty. A mile is thirty five. I will work my way back up, I swear.  I did this originally to control my back pain and it really is great.

In August I’ll let you know if I managed to keep it up.

What are your summer goals?

Tell me below so we can keep tabs on each other.


Things my therapist, Gwen, taught me:

Whenever your overwhelmed- stop.

S- Stop

T- Take a breath

O- Observe

P- Proceed.

Battle of Wits and Words

Let’s start the New Year off in a good mood. Let’s have a contest!

Contest Tittle: In A Moment 

Prize: $20 gift card to Barnes and Nobel for 1st place. $15 gift card to Barnes and Nobel for 2nd place. $5 gift card to Starbucks for the 3rd place.
The prompt: Describe a moment that inspired you and what change you decided to take as result.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.
The idea: Write an essay no more than 500 words; or no more than 300 words if you also include an photo.
The deadline: February 1st, 2012. Entries will be posted up to this date. On this day the winners will be announced.
The Judges: There will be three people reading the essays, and will be collaborating on who wins.
The Fine Print: All work must be original, including the photographs. All work will be emailed to Include in your email: Your real name, a penname for your work to be posted under (optional), and the essay.

This could be an essay about something small: Like starting to write poetry because of your first kiss. Volunteering at the animal shelter because your puppy felt ill. Or it could be about a huge change in your life:  Like moving to a new home because you saw a house falling apart on 6th avenue. I leave it entirely to your creative whims.

Calvin and Hobbes have already set the rules: There are no rules.

These are the things that I know…

These are the things I know…

I haven’t spoken to you in a while, and I’m sorry for that. I started this blog and I want to keep it alive, even if I haven’t had many things submitted. It’s an understatement to say I was busy.

Today, I’d like to do something different. I’d like to talk about what these past couples of months have taught me, and how swimming has improved my life. Continue reading