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Summer Time

I was recently inspired by an article I read over at Nerd Fitness. It was a how to guide on Living Vicariously. You know how sometimes theres a video or a person you see where you walk away thinking Man, I wish I could do that? Yes.

Well I decided that there are a couple of talents that I want to learn, a second language for one.  Of course I prefer to start with small goals and work my way up.  For this Summer I plan to:

1. Write a minimum of 50,000 words this summer.
I want to improve my writing and to do that I need to practice more. I don’t mean writing a novel, but short stories as well. Just so long as the cumulative is that 50k mark.

2. Swim a mile.
People who’ve read this know I swam a lot last semester. I didn’t continue this semester but I want to return to it. The most laps I did in one night was twenty. A mile is thirty five. I will work my way back up, I swear.  I did this originally to control my back pain and it really is great.

In August I’ll let you know if I managed to keep it up.

What are your summer goals?

Tell me below so we can keep tabs on each other.



Kinda Friday

This is a weird week. There were elections for the mayor and a few proposals—it caused quite a stir. Then there was tickets released for the Eddie Izzard show. Oh! And remember how I said I got a project at work I knew how to do? Apparently not.  I feel like this week was a weird balance of kinda-bad luck and kinda-good luck making it into a kinda- interesting week.  Whatever, I have high hopes for the weekend.

Oh, and I got one idea and flew into a writer’s frenzy. O___O

Y’all got any cool stories?

–Here are some ideas-

The three boxes were in front of him. He set down his mask tentatively and reached for…

The calendar on the wall still said September with the large happy aardvark. Even though it was April she couldn’t bear to let it go.

The book fell down from the library shelves onto its spine and out fell the perfumed stationary.

Her hair fell in long cascading waves of sepia tones.

The paint washed over his skin. He wrinkled his nose at the smell as he watched the colors cover him.

The rocking chair went back and forth as it silently considered

Lime, sea, leap



Well, what’s your posion?

EDIT: This happened in China…

Inspiration Friday with a side of Lasagna

I got to see a really awesome debate today. Yes, I know, my terrible secret comes out. I like debating, I love economics, and Star Trek is my comfort food (but for the telly). I guess this means I’m a nerd or something. Anyway: debate. The 1% is killing the American Dream. I don’t think that this topic was handled as well as it should have been. The two sides didn’t really address each other. It was still entertaining, but in the end I didn’t vote on the issue so much as I voted on the better debate team. Then after debate I went to a bakery and the gym. I like the gym just for the endorphins I get afterwards. And of course, no day is complete without some chaotic element which brings me to diner. In an attempt to feed my Italian cravings I made lasagna. Or I would have if I had not broken the lasagna pan, a mason jar, and spilled red punch in the process. Yes, that is exactly what it would like if I horrifically murdered Mr. Body (because the lead pipe is so mainstream). Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster God for reaching out your noodly appendage to grant my humble small slushy town with an Olive Garden. Seriously, this is news.

I have to write a story for my Creative Writing class due on Tuesday, and I am freaking out. I think I may have to resort to real life, because let’s face it: Reality exists merely to contradict it’s self on a daily basis by spontaneously erupting into bursts of randomly weird things.

If you have any ideas, feel free to share. As always, you can email me at: toolbox.submissions@gmail.com


The camel considered, albeit briefly, the ramifications of his latest plot. A week in the stables for scaring the crap out of American tourists? Worth it.

The earth is slow but the buffalo is patient.

April 1st came on Saturday this year, and Audrey noticed it was oddly quiet. She even checked her calendar twice.

That awkward moment when the guest in hotel room 304 calls down to the front desk asking about special movie channels.

#51: Discovering a new country.

“Jim, you’re missing the point. You don’t wear a bathing suit to pool. You were jeans and I give you a Pool Cue. Just- just- go take off those swim trunks. Did you really think the bar had a pool in the back?”

Anna Marrie Lynn’s piggy bank would not break, and all the coins she’d saved rattled inside while she tried to break it.

The camera obscura flips images, turns things around, and that was the crux of the issue. It’s hard enough when things are in black and white.

“No, I am not making this up. Absolutely the lasagna pan dropped itself.”

Castiel is adorable


No, seriously guys. If you have anything to share to kick me in to writing my story I’d be much obliged. I have three half ideas right now but nothing fleshed out. Oy vey. I’ll be in the corner muttering half ideas and doing needle point because I can. 

Write on!

See y’all soon.

Inspiration Friday

I am so happy it is the day of rest! I have much more work to do before I am all caught up. Things I have accomplished so far:

1. Putting all the papers my boss stacked onto my desk into one neat and organized mess on his desk… (revenge clutter!)
2. Confirming that I am alive with all my friends (alternately confirming that I did travel and was not ignoring them).
3. Watching Supernatural episodes I missed.
4. 1/3 of a homework assignment

After this post I hope to add more to that list. It’s too easy to let the little things pile up around ya. If you have free time make the most of it.

Here are some prompts to get you started on a creative venture.


The leak meant I had to clean out under my sink, and there I found…

When was not the question he’d meant to ask.

The air raid sirens were common, and the shaking became natural.

“Love me for no less than who I was and love me for no more than who I am.”

The first incision was small and that’s when she knew everything would be alright.

“You should go to the dance with me because I’m gonna take you to Red Lobster.  My grandpa gave me a coupon ’cause you are one special lady and you deserve the best.”

Inspiration Friday! -Guest Editor

So as you probably know, Elise is not here. While she is off traveling, she has left me (her little sister) in charge of Inspiration Friday. Whether or not that was a good choice is still up in the air…

Let’s just hope I don’t screw it up. 

Anyways! Here are a few inspirational ideas, feel free to pick and choose from them. Or, if you’re feeling brave, combine them all into one glorious piece of art, music, poem, or story. Hey, you could even do a collage! As long as it gets your creative thoughts flowing, then it is all good. 



2. The world just collapsed. Did society literally just fall apart?  What happens now in the post-apocalyptic world? Or was that a metaphor, and we are all ok?

3. “Her cheek bones cut the air like a razor when she walked into the room. Simultaneously, twenty men turned and stared as she sashayed to her seat….” Continue from there. 

4. Make something to accompany the sound “Na Na Nothing” by Mike Doughty. In case you haven’t heard it, here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVbKJP_MJdM (This song is also my latest obsession. <3) 

5.  Q: What’d the monkey say to the banana?

A. “Hey! Get out of here Banana, I’m trying to sleep!”

(Yes, that is a joke a five year old would tell. Deal with it.)


Painting done by Justin Lee Brown aka Desiderata

Here is his blog: http://dolorosa-reveries.blogspot.com/

Well? Are you feeling inspired yet? 

Good luck in all your pursuits! 

Inspiration Friday

If you are reading this then Congratulations, you are not trapped in a time loop of February 2nd.

I have a job interview, but it’s more like a gauntlent of problem solving in a very tall building. I’m going to bring a boom box (an honest to god boom box) to play action music. Gotta find the right cassette tape though. Anyone else got some intresting/weird/fun weekend plans?

Below are some prompts to get your imagination going. If you have any ideas feel free to share them below.

|| enjoy ||

So small, hardly a year old, and I can’t escape that feeling when she sleeps she’s seeing the secrets I’ve been hiding. Rockabye, my sweet

As soon as she shut her eyes, the maze reappeared.

First, the marble fell into the chute where it swung down the plastic only to hit the miniature toy soldier hanging from the pole; sending him into action.

The news desk shuddered, more debris from the ceiling fell but the anchor continued to broadcast the events live.

Bruhahaha. (#TuesdayTales had it but it is my favorite word…tied with kerfuffle)

The mobile hung from the ceiling spinning slowly, each pane of the story reflecting as it came around.

Ain’t nobody can touch my violin. The strings only bend to my ear.

“If I were to sum it up in one sentence- I ran. Happy?”

The water washed over him, welcoming him back with thick waves that he could float on

{happy friday}

Fantastical Friday

Yesterday I discovered that I have a very random ability. I can type faster and more coherently with my eyes shut. I was trying out something that had been thrown out in class- Writing, as suggested, was best when the writer had no idea what was going on. So I sat down, opened up a new document, opened my mind, shut my eyes and typed. I think I’m going to edit the results a little later tonight, but overall I’m quite pleased with the results.

I recommend everyone try it.

Link of interest:

Live Life: A Day Dreamer’s Journal …looking for submissions, help break the Guinness World Record of Most Author’s for one book

And if you’d be so kind, I’d appreciate constructive criticism on a story I’m going to submit to UAA’s lit magazine, Understory. The story is Castles Made of Mud.

On to the main event: Happy Friday! If you can think of any ideas you’d like to see, share below. See what you can make of these prompts:


The eel darted across the murky waters, passing by the shipwreck unnoticed.

The cluttered cacophony shuddered, and then silence.

The katana fell to the ground without making a noise. There were no words left anyways.

It was easy enough to find good, legible, ‘N’s and ‘O’s in the first magazine. Finding the next couple of letters was much more difficult.

I woke up in another city, and I had only been sleeping for two hours this time.

Rock looked to Paper, who looked to Scissors and an uncomfortable silence fell between them.

It was the fifth of January and they were already talking about tomorrow trying not to remember what had happened last week.

A malicious rubick’s cube

Paste, Pale, Prick

And then there’s this:

Ultimate Traffic Cam


{Have a lovely weekend all!}